7th 8th and 9th November Assassin’s Creed Black Flag Multiplayer Report.

So, I haven’t posted in a couple of days, here’s what’s happened over the past few days.

Starting level, Thursday: 32

Not nuch happend, except I got the Audacious II accolade, which yielded 33500 EXP points! Wow. I hit prestige 1 too.

Over the next couple of days, I was looking for a way to get as many credits as possible, so I turned to wolfpack. I accidentally started a private game and was playing on my own. Standard wolfpack was so easy! 10 minutes later I’d finished, so naturally I went a bit mental and played loads of games. Managed to generate 10000 credits and another prestige level!

On a side note: on the Physician’s ivory knife, his name is spelled Edmond instead of Edmund.

End level Prestige 2 Level 15

I’ve also been plodding along on story mode, and decided to collect Templar keys. Very fun, just got one more to find and then it’s hello new armour!

I start training tomorrow for my Steampunk Assassin costume idea.



Remember Remember the 5th of November. Assassin’s Creed Black Flag Multiplayer Report and Knives!

Starting Level: 32

I’m definitely not going to do a report every day, but if something interesting happens, I’ll report it.

Just like last night.

I was playing some games last night after dinner, and doing relatively well. But I do have one gripe, and I hope someone out there can give me some insight on the matter.

It’s throwing knives!
Yes, the perfect way of slowing down your opponent. A simple press of the ▲ and they are at your mercy. What I don’t get is how so many people can get stuns out of their knives? It happens on a regular basis to me, and when I try it I always get killed. Sure I cut their score in half, but with the new system and determined being something that I think is quite good, and I have seen decent number of players using it, knives can suck. I have tried; just after knifing someone, as they are bent double, and once they have stood up, all with the same effect. When I’m knifed, even when I’m moving and hammering square, I get stunned.
If anyone can shed lighy on this for me, I’d be grateful.

Anyway, other than the knives sucking, I had a decent couple of games, and my Abstergo Credits are starting to look healthy once more.

End level: 38

Grade: Professional

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag Multiplayer Report November 4th 2013

Level: 25

After a long day at work, I fired up the ps3 and started up black flag. I’d saved up for 25 levels to buy Abstergo plus (7 ays for 5990 ac) so bought the bonus, eschewing weapons, abilities and perks. My first game was a nice 6000+ game, with a daily x2 bonus, plus my 25% and an aura bonus of 10% thank you very much.
The rest of my games were pretty boring, hopefully more will be fun tonight.

My girlfriend raised a valid point however. I’ve played the game without abilities, but I haven’t missed them. I’m not really getting many fewer points than I’d expect to. Hopefully when I can buy them, I’ll be geting more and more points.

Anyway I then went on to play a bit of aingle player, having fun plundering a bunch of ships for an hour.

Level at end of night: 32
Grade: Professional.